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Service Levels and ROM Pricing

We offer three levels of service tailored to the needs of your company:
  1. Level I: This is our standard option. We deliver a complete, certified study, and certified exemption certificates for qualified meters, for a quoted fixed price. Note that, as a part of our service, we will certifiy any additional exemption forms required if you ever change utility service providers, for as long as the study is valid.
  2. Level II: This option includes Level I plus preparation of the refund request package required to apply for any qualified sales tax refunds from the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. You only need to sign and submit the refund package, and any qualified refunds will come directly to your company.
  3. Level III: This is our no up-front cost option and includes Level 1 plus we will apply for and receive any qualified refunds on your behalf from the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. We will take our fees from the refunds and forward the balance to your company. Note: Level III only applies if there enough potential refunds to cover our fees.
Our levels of service are tailored to meet your company's needs at the lowest cost.
ROM Pricing:
We are an engineering consulting firm specializing in energy and utility management. Predominant Use Studies are just one of the services we offer. Our pricing is based on the incremental cost of accomplishing the work in lieu of as a percentage of your savings. Every Predominant Use Study is different. We provide an up-front, written quotation with firm, fixed pricing so, there are no surprises. In the event we undertake a study and none of your meters qualify for an exemption, we do not charge a fee. So, there is no risk to your company.
But what does a study cost? In developing our fixed-price quotes, we consider many factors that affect the level of effort required to complete a study when preparing quotations. These factors include the size and location of the facility, number of buildings, number of meters, number of pieces of equipment, availability of data and required information, etc.
A Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) estimate can be obtained by multiplying the facility square footage by $0.07. This would provide a general ROM price for a facility with one electricity and/or one natural gas meter and an average number of pieces of equipment to be tabulated in the study. Please bear in mind this is a general rule-of-thumb and the actual quoted price may vary greatly if there are multiple meters, multiple buildings, more complex operations, and greater or less than average equipment density. With some very basic information about your facility, we will generate a fixed-price quotation.

You can download our Step-By-Step Guide to sales-tax exemptions and refunds.

You can request a quotation by downloading the Predominant Use Study Quotation Questionnaire.
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