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Service Levels and ROM Pricing

We offer five levels of service tailored to the needs of your company:
  1. Level I: This is our low-cost option. You can save money by performing most of the site-survey in-house. We complete the certified study. Level I is great for smaller companies that might not otherwise be able to afford a study.
  2. Level II: This is our standard option. We perform both the site-survey and complete the certified study.
  3. Level III: This level includes the Level II services and includes preparation of the forms and paperwork for you to file to obtain your qualified tax exemptions and refunds.
  4. Level IV: This is our turn-key service option with no up-front fees. With a limited Power of Attorney, we can perform the site-survey, complete the certified study, and file exemptions and refunds on your behalf. We remit the difference between our fees and qualified refunds when they are received.
  5. Level V: This is our full service option including all the Level III services plus a survey and recommendations for energy savings projects and opportunities.
Our levels of service are tailored to meet your company's needs at the lowest cost.
ROM Pricing:
We are an engineering consulting firm and Predominant Use Studies are just one of the services we offer. We price all our services based on the incremental cost of accomplishing the work in lieu of as a percentage of your savings. Every Predominant Use Study is different. We provide an up-front, written quotation with firm, fixed pricing so, there are no surprises. In the event we undertake a study and one, some, or all of your meters do not qualify for an exemption, we reduce or eliminate our fees accordingly. So, there is no risk to your company.
But, what does a study cost? In developing our fixed-price quotes, we consider many factors that affect the level of effort required to complete a study when preparing quotations. These factors include the size and location of the facility, number of buildings, number of meters, number of pieces of capital machinery, availability of as-built drawings and needed information, etc.
For a rough order of magnitude (ROM) estimate, we developed the pricing guide below. The guide gives ROM prices as a number of months of sales-tax savings achieved based on the size of the facility and level of service. Please note these ROM estimates are generally higher than our quoted prices based on a more detailed analysis. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Service Levels and ROM Pricing Estimates

You can download our Step-By-Step Guide to obtaining your exemptions and refunds.

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