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​The first question in every potential client's mind is, how much will a study cost and is it worth it?

To maximize the value to you, we only consider factors that affect the cost of accomplishing studies when developing quotations. We do not base our prices on the size of your refund, which is disconnected from the cost of doing the work. We consider factors such as the size and location of the facility, number of buildings, number of meters, accessibility and number of pieces of equipment that must be tabulated, availability of data and required information, etc. There are some rules of thumb that can sometimes give a reasonable Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) estimate. One rule of thumb is to multiply the square footage of the facility by about $0.07 or to multiply the average monthly KWH consumption by about $0.05. Another rule of thumb is to multiply the average monthly sales taxes by a factor of six to ten. These rules of thumb may provide a reasonable ROM price for an average facility with normal equipment density and number of meters, but in some cases would result in very high or low estimates. We thoroughly investigate the details of each facility when working up a quotation and, based on the details and our extensive experience performing similar studies, sharpen our pencil to provide the most competitive pricing possible. Our actual pricing may be much less than an estimate using the rules of thumb.

We are a registered engineering firm specializing in energy and utility management and can also help you identify and implement energy and cost savings opportunities. As a registered engineering firm with the Texas Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors, we are bound to the highest integrity and ethical standards, and have a duty to serve our client's best interests by providing sound engineering advice.

No Risk Guarantee:

In the event we undertake a study and none of your meters qualify for an exemption, we do not charge a fee. So, there is no risk to your company.

You can download our Step-By-Step Guide to sales-tax exemptions and refunds.

You can request a quotation by downloading the Predominant Use Study Quotation Questionnaire.

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