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Certified Energy Managers - Energy and Utility Management

Predominant Use Studies

A Predominant Use Study can enable your company to save up to 8.25% on qualified purchases of electricity and natural gas, and obtain refunds of up to four years!
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 Companies in these and many other industries potentially qualify:

  • Auto Manufacturing

  • Aerospace Manufacturing

  • Medical Device Manufacturing and Processing

  • Steel and Metal Mills

  • Food Manufacturing and Processing

  • Clothing Manufacturing, Screen Printing, and Promotional Products

  • Chemical Manufacturing and Processing

  • Paper Manufacturing

  • Plastic and Rubber Manufacturing

  • Off Wing Engine Repair for Commercial Airlines

  • Broadcasting

  • Recording Studios

  • Steel Fabrication

  • Bakeries

  • Beverage Bottling

  • Breweries, Wineries, and Distilleries

  • Residential Including Apartments, Nursing Homes, and RV Parks

  • Concrete and Asphalt Plants

  • Copy and Print Shops

  • Machine Shops

  • Water, Oil, Natural Gas Extraction, Processing, and Transportation

  • Mining

  • Agriculture

  • Industrial Coatings, Sandblasting, Painting, and Powder Coating

We have extensive experience performing Predominant Use Studies

We have performed hundreds of Predominant Use Studies for large and small companies in many industries including oil and gas, textiles, broadcasting, printing, food processing, medical devices, general manufacturing, and others. We have saved our clients millions of dollars!

The process is simple:

  1. We conduct a comprehensive on-site survey and gather detailed electrical and natural gas load information. This can often be completed in one day and will not disrupt operations at your facility.

  2. We complete the Predominant Use Study off-site. The study will be certified by a Texas Licensed Professional Engineer.

  3. We can assist you in obtaining eligible utility sales-tax exemptions and refunds. Or download our Step-By-Step Guide.

  4. If you change utility service providers, as part of our service we will certify any additional exemption certificates needed at no additional charge, as long as the study remains valid. 

Why should you use us? See our Testimonials.

  1. We conduct our on-site surveys without disrupting operations at your facility.

  2. We are experts in the Texas comptroller rules for utility sales tax exemptions and exclusively serve the entire state.

  3. We offer competitive, no surprise, fixed pricing that minimizes costs and maximizes the benefits of performing studies.

  4. Our quotations include a no risk provision. If no meters qualify as exempt, there is no cost.

  5. We have extensive experience performing Predominant Use Studies in a variety of industries.

  6. We are a registered engineering firm by the Texas Board of Professional Engineers and Surveyors and our studies are certified by a Texas Licensed Professional Engineer as required by Texas comptroller rules.

  7. We stand behind our work and will any questions arising from state auditors regarding the methodology and assumptions used in our studies. We have never had our determination of predominant tax-exempt use reversed as a result of an audit.

  8. We carry general liability and workmen's compensation insurance and can provide proof of coverage as needed.

See our Service Levels and ROM Pricing page for ROM Pricing and service levels. 

More questions? See our FAQs

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