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Utility Bill Auditing

Up to 80% of commercial utility bills have errors resulting in businesses overpaying for electricity, natural gas, water, and waste services. Commercial utility bills are complex and based on hundreds of pages of rates and tariffs. Texas Engineering Services has partnered with experienced experts in utility bill auditing, Lumen Utility Consult to provide these services to our clients.

  • Extensive experience analyzing commercial utility bills and finding overcharges and errors.

  • Proven track record of results. Lumen clients have saved tens of thousands of dollars.

  • No risk. We are paid from the savings we generate.

The process is simple:

  1. Download, complete, and sign an Agreement and Letter of Authorization.
  2. Email a copies of the AgreementLetter of Authorization, and the latest utility bills to
  3. Once we receive your signed Agreement and Letter of Authorization, we will be in touch with you and begin the detailed audit process of your utility bills, meters, and schedules to find overcharges, errors, rate problems, etc.
  4. When we find savings opportunities, we will present them to you for review and approval. We are performance based, so we only get paid when we save you money.